"All about the grab"


As Amy & John Hazel eloquently put it in the film "DRIFT" ....."Fly fishing is all about the grab, and in my eyes I wholeheartedly agree with them. Everything else pertaining to fly fishing leading up to, and after that moment, is just a ways to a means. The anticipation all fisherman go through during every retrieved cast, then the split second Adrenalin rush, let alone elation that surges through my veins when I feel the fish grab my fly, Is the reason why I've spent thousands of (Pounds, Euros & Rands) on equipment, dedicated thousands of hours creating all manner of imitative patters on my Jvice & Traveled thousands of kilometers around the world, all in the pursuit of that single most defining moment in fishing for me! ..................."The Grab"


Others would disagree with my ethos, and argue that there's no finer moment in fly fishing than watching your quarry return from whence it came. Granted, the release of any fish back to the wild is a proud & wonderful moment full of mixed emotions and feelings, but in today's over crowded, over fished waterways, it's something we're obliged to do anyway to ensure future generations enjoy the pleasures we are reaping.

For those that knew me through my other blog "Pike Fly Fishing Articles" which I'm proud to say has over 1,250,000 hits and is still visited regularly today, then you know  "ALL ABOUT THE GRAB" will be full of the usual suspects. Flies, Fly tying, Equipment, Fishing travel (Internationally as well as here in South Africa) video clips, and of course my rants at the establishment and more so the degradation of our environment and waters we fish on.

Everything featured or written about in this blog is dedicated to that split second in time i so longingly crave !!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Simon Graham

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