Badass Pike 'n Musky flies

A large majority of these flies are tied for four fly fisherman in the States that are as passionate about Musky as I was about Pike. The only criteria they give me is that they have to be over 30 cm long, push as much water as possible  and mainly tied with a trailing tandem stinger hook. Most of them have enough feathers dressed onto them to cover an Albatross and a  10"wt is necessary to chuck, and I mean chuck these beast onto the surface of the water. definitely not for the faint hearted or novice angler!!

Bengal double rig
Pike Imitator
Black Flyzilla
The Pingpong
Orange black Predator
Bobble heads orange
Bobble head - Blue
Flyzilla2 - Foamhead
Firetiger streamer
Musky - black/red
Red/White Predator
Pink Double rig
Das Boot
SG Feathered streamer
Blue Bomber
Musky - pink
Chartreuse/Grey Tandem rig
Monster raccoon pulse wiggler
Dahlberg tube
Bucktail burst
Musky Rodent
Monster Chartreuse deceiver
Zebra hair streamer
Musky - Punk rocker
Zebra hair streamer
Bengal double rig
Musky white tan tandem rig
Red devil
Olive/Yellow widow
Musky - double streamer
Musky - Bengal Tandem rig
Rastafari streamer
SG feathered streamer
Orange sunburst
Black Flyzilla
Rodent 2
Double tandem rig
Red white Predator
Zebra double rig
MDM Prowler
Olive/Black Widow
Tiger baitfish
Musky - Orange double rig
Zebra - Punk rocker
Orange chin - Tandem rig
Cock hackle Streamer
Musky - Tiger tandem rig
Sunburst tube
Black Widow
Pulse wiggler
MDM Prowler
Punk rocker
musky - black/white
Chartreuse predator
Musky - Red/Black
Musky - White/Black tandem rig
Musky popper
Musky - Orange/Black
MDM Prowler
Turquoise tandem
Musky rodent
Musky punk rocker
Bengal tiger bomber
Turq/white streamer
Ghost tandem
Musky - Brown/Orange
Musky - Punk rocker
Musky - Orange Punk rocker
Red Baron
Musky - Yellow tandem rig
Olive tandem
Pink tandem
MDM Prowler
Tiger tandem rig
Olive Widow 2
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