synthetic baitfish patterns  

You'll find a large array of these kinda synthetic baitfish patterns in every self respecting Pike fly fisherman's box. They're a great choice for the novice angler purely because they're light to cast, retain very little water during casting and can be tied in a multitude of different colours. The only downside to these kinda flies is that they have a short longevity compared to flies tied with more natural products like fur and feathers. 

Orange scud
Funky blue
Red chinned sprat
Blue ice baity
Herring hybrid
chartreuse blended baity
Chart striped baity
Olive/Chartreuse baity
Mullet baitfish
Olive/White baitfish
Orange hornet
chartreuse/Black Baity
Blue hornet
Herring blended baity
Reindeer hair baitfish
Weedguarded baitfish (1)
Olive Baltic Scuds set
Silverio hightie Perch
Micro baitfish - Tan
Black Baltic scud
Weedguarded baitfish (3)
Silverio hightie ghost
Silverio hightie ghost
Olive wiggle tail (1)
Olive red cheek
Weedguarded baitfish set
Rainbow Trout
Tanned mullet baitfish
Weedguarded baitfish Chart
Bullhead - Green
Pink panthers
Silverio hightie - Perch
Green red cheek
Tanned baitfish
Silverio hightie - Olive/Black
Blue crush
Silver Baitfish
Silverio hightie - Striped
Micro baitfish - Spotted
Realistic 2
Silverio hightie - synthetic set
Striped baitfish
Green hornet
Herring TX1
Bullhead - Red
Mullet set
Junglecock wiggle tail
Herring TX2
Silverio hightie - Sunburst
Mullet set
Orange blended baitfish
Olive Wiggle tails
Weedguarded baitfish (7)
pink panthers5
Tubefly - sprat
Chartreuse set
Chatreuse bluedunn
Herring baitfish
Herring baitfish set
Silverio hightie - synthetic set
Golden baitfish
Purple rain
Weedguarded baitfish (6)
Orange Jaffa
chartreuse set
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