Bass Bugs

Given the choice, between a day chucking fluff at bass over a days fly fishing for trout, and bass would take the biscuit every time. I know many of you out there are probably shaking your heads but my need to constantly feel the grab of my fly....which by the way,  bass affords me!  far out ways a frustrated day on any picturesque trout water in the Natal midlands by a long shot. in many an eye, bass are the quintessential so called "Shit fish"  but its hard to wipe the grin off my face when i'm chucking fluff at bass.

Bass tube fly TDi
Brown-Yellow Bass WG Predator
Bengal Bass basher3
Olive/Beige puffs
Foam frogs
Dragonfly hybrid
Bass Bongo - Red
3 inch Bass Buggers
Olive-White Bass baitfish
Fishskull Jigs
Sickzilla Salamander
Gurglebug - Olive/Chart
Weed guarded Bass worm
Dahlberg diver
Foam frog
Weed guarded Bass worms
Bass bongos
Pygmy snake
White-Black Bass bongo-026
Gurglebug - Purple
Chartreuse Bass WG Predator
Sickzilla Rat
Yellow-Chart Bass bongo-013
Plume Bass buggers
Gurglebug - Olive
Bass tube fly TDx
Bass bongo Orange/Yellow
Orange puffs
Alien zebra bug
Chenille worm
Foam frog - Red/Black
Olive-Steelhead Silver Baitfish
FS Bass buggers
Foam frog - Brown
Alien bug
Loopy Lizard
Wiggletail worm
light mullet brown-white baitfish
Bengal Bass basherTX2 AATG Resize
Black-white Bass Weed Guarded Predator
Sickzilla Salamander TDX1
Pygmy snake
Foam frog - Brown/Olive
Bass baitfish
Gurglebug - set
Sickzilla Rat X
Dahlberg diver
Weed guard baities
Bass Bongo - Pink/White
Marabou Barble fry
Foam frog - Black
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Hybrid Tubeology Bass flies

I developed these Tubeology Bass flies a few years back.. Tied with rabbit zonker these Hybrids bagged me so many bass i lost count. perfect for a 6wt but practically impossible to cast once i fitted the spinner blade attachment though. After i'd had my fill of them, i passed them on to a mate who uses conventional Bass fishing gear and there hasn't been a summer month since that's gone by where he hasn't hounded me for more of the same pattern.

Bass hybrid tubeology set
Tan Brown Hybrid Bass tube
Olive Brown Hybrid bass tube
Hybrid Bass tubeology set
Brown Tan Hybrid Bass tube
Brown Olive Hybrid Bass tube
Bass hybrid tubeology set
Bass hybrid tube - full spinner rig
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