Alien bug
pink tandem
cat toy fly
olive bunkers
musky Bengal orange
Baby Poon
Bengal Musky Tiger
Chartreuse deciever
Musky marauder
Fruit splash tandem
Mahi Mahi
The Provocateur

Fly collections

I feel humbled and privileged to have had my flies featured in several publications around the globe over the years

The fantastic thing about tying your own flies is that your constantly learning new techniques, and the more you push yourself, the more you improve. Whether your tying with Synthetics or Naturals or even a combination of both, understanding how those materials respond under water with one another goes a long way towards what you take from the sport.


your kidding yourself though if you think you'll be saving yourself lotsa money in the long run, because you wont. if you become passionate about fly fishing then tying your own flies becomes a natural extension of the sport.  i still buy the odd fly from time to time, mainly to understand how it was constructed but catching a fish with it just isn't the same as with one you've tied yourself.


Scroll over the  "Fly collections", "Snot rockets" & "Critter fluff" tabs to view some of the fly porn I've knocked up over the years. Click a fly to enlrge the image.