Grubs 'n Nymphs

these grubs are primarily tied for targeting Yellows & Natal Scalies on the rivers here in South Africa.  All are constructed using my own brand of "Slab slayer ice dub blends" that i blend myself. As with the streamer nymphs I tie, not all of these patterns are as productive as i'd like them to be, but that's probably because of my sheer lack to conform to the more traditional well established patterns most fly fisherman use over here.

Grub 1
Grub 2
Grub 3
Grub 4
Grub 5
Grub 6
Grub 7
Grub 8
Grub 9
Grub 10
Grub 11
Grub 12
Grub 13
Grub 14
Grub 15
Grub 26
Grub 27
Grub 28
Grub 29
Grub 30
Grub 31
Grub 32
Grub 33
Grub 34
Grub 35
Grub 36
Grub 37
Grub 38
Grub 39
Grub 40
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Fritz balls 'n Foam froggies

Fritz balls are supposedly frowned upon by many trout fly fisherman and If i'm not mistaken are banned in a number of countries due to their effectiveness.....Well they aren't here in SA !!!  The Foam Frogs 'n Platties are also another fly which when fished on the still waters here in the midlands can be a very effective trout fly on its day ! 

Fritz Balls - Orange/Yellow
Fritz Balls - Pink
Fritz Balls - Chartreuse/Yellow
Fritz Balls - Red/Black
Foam Trout froggies
Wiggle tailed platties
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