Probably my favourite surface lure of all time to fish with for Bass and Northern Pike. Super easy to construct and can be tied in a multitude of different ways and sizes depending on the materials one has available. . 

tube flies 010 resize
Bluedunn mix 013
Orange frog
gurglebugs pink devil large resize
Olive Salamander 1
gurglygreen (2)
Frog Gurglebug
gurglebugs Salamander resize
easyfly greengb
Brown Salamander 2
easyfly yellowgb (1)
gurglebugs black n white frog resize
Black Salamander 2
gurglebugs brown black frog large
gurglebugs green n brown salamander resize
brownie (1)
gurglebugs red eel resize
Bluedunn mix 012
Bluedunn mix 014
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click the PDF logo to download      "the gurglebug salamander"                     tying tutorial

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