Friday, October 20, 2017

|By Simon Graham

I don’t take part in any FB fly fishing Forums except for the SA Fly fishing and SA Fly tying Groups for a number of reasons but mainly because I genuinely don’t have a lot of constructive stuff to contribute having not lived over here long enough. I often have a hot head and generally say what I’m thinking which often offends people and gets me into hot water within these community groups “for this exact reason!!”I was shown am image the other day that had been posted on a SA FB group, of a well sized Brown Trout that had been caught on the Mooi River by MJP just below Riverside lodge. His script wrote “This took twenty careful and heart stopping minutes to deal with on a 2wt”

Now don’t get me wrong but why write “careful” in the script then place this fish on the grass. Sure I can understand it must have been a wonderful fight on such light tackle, but the Mooi river isn’t some “Put n take”  fucking stocked dam up on the Vaal where you’re obviously used to dragging your...

Friday, May 19, 2017

This post probably wont interest many of the Saffas that stop by this site purely because most of you know the river and area too well, but I wanted to showcase another of our more famous rivers "The Bushmans River" here in Southern Africa for all you international brotha's 'n Sista's. I have Jan Korrubel to thank for one of the most memorable days of fishing I'd had in years up until that point and also for these images....So shot boet!  

The Bushmans itself isn't wide by any stretch of the imagination and all of these images were taken in the upper reaches within the Giants Castle Reserve. Its primarily a Brown trout river which was first stocked in 1890 but in recent years has been inhabited by a batch of rainbows that escaped from a hatchery during heavy rains and flooding.

 You do get the odd decent fish along this fine stretch of water but this is small trout territory, so 3wt's are needed

There aren't many places left these days where you don't see another sole for the wh...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Tied up some furry critters for some top water bass action the other day. All around 75mm long from arse to tail tip which are tiny in comparison to some of the rodent flies I was chucking at Pike. Even the mouse flies I tied up to strip across some of the rivers in Scandinavia were double the size of these.  

I honestly don't bother with adding front and back legs, Ears, Eyes and whiskers to these kind of flies for two reasons. Bass and hopefully the odd river run Brown trout over here really aren't bothered how aesthetically pleasing your mouse fly looks. All they see is a darkish silhouette skimming across the surface from below. Secondly the more crap you attach to this fly, the heavier it will become to cast, and eventually hinder its overall buoyancy.  

One only has to look at one of the most successful mouse flies fished all over the States and Alaska "The Morrish Mouse" to see what I'm jabbering on about.

I do Bugbond (UV Resin) the underneath of the fly a...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I’ve been meaning to fish with my good mate Richard Khumalo for some time now, so when he invited me up to fish the Mooi river with him I jumped at the chance. I booked myself into Riverside fishing lodge on the Mollers farm for the weekend (R350 per night which for all you overseas readers costs in $26 or €24 or £21) Anyway, due to the inevitable work constraints in “DIRTBIN”, uuugh!! I only managed to arrive late Friday afternoon instead of midday. On arrival Brett was there to meet ‘n greet and I settled in for the night with a rather nice Merlot and tied some shrimp patterns

Now I’m not as proficient at river fishing as I would like, but I’m no mug either. I’d probably catch more fish during a day if I used traditional trout fishing techniques but I’m a streamer fisherman, always have been, always will. Rich did roll his eyes back when he saw my choice of flies that I brought along for the weekend. Mallard Minnows, Super-sized 70mm speed cops, Chartreuse and Brown chenille buggers,...

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