Friday, February 16, 2018

|By Simon Graham

Its been a while granted, but with moving back up to the midlands, my trip to the Bokong and all the extra fishing I've been doing of late I've had very little to write about in recent months. Anyway I'm back in the fold now and to start the new year off I thought I'd give away a box of dries to some lucky sole. As with every fishing trip I've done, I always over compensate and tie too many flies and although I did catch plenty of Yellows and Trout while on the Bokong with a multitude of different Dries, I just have too many sitting around picking up dust  so to put yourself in with a chance to win some free swag all one needs to do is take your time and count how many items can be found on the Jayvice wooden stand. 

The Box is brand new and consists of 72 dry flies. Ballbyter ants, Foam ants, numerous types of foam Beetles, Daddy long legs and wolf spiders, Hoppers, Goddard Caddis. Spun deerhair black crickets, Dyrets, Elk hair caddis, Flying ants, Hog hoppers....well the lis...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

|By Simon Graham

I’ve been playing round with a number of Hopper patterns over the last couple of months for my upcoming trip to The Bokong river in Lesotho. One of these patterns I’ve come up with I call “The DHD (Deerhair Dubbing) Mini Para Hopper”. I recently took them to the Mooi river in the Kamberg and the Brown Trout loved them so am rather confident the Yellows on the Bokong will think likewise. It looks a complicated fly to construct but it’s rather easy to be honest. I tie these either on a size #8 and size #10 Mustad caddis hook but one could use any brands caddis hook of their choice.

Step 1

Place hook in vise at an offset angle and take either an orange or red thread and build a small hotspot a quarter the way down the bend of the hook. I used Fluoro orange for this tutorial. Then coat with head cement.

The main ingredient for this fly is Deerhair dubbing. This will give the fly the float-ability it needs. If you’re unable to get any then use a tan dry fly dubbing and mix it in with small cut...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Since being back in SA, I’ve been truly astounded with the quality of flies and fly tying in general in this country, especially as it’s a rather small community at best. Patterns that have been specifically developed over here for our waters could honestly be taken to most stretches of water throughout the globe and fished not only with confidence, but would regularly catch fish as well.

A tier that’s really impressed me over here this last year is JP Gouws……Oom (Uncle) JP as I jokingly call him. I know he’ll disagree with me on this one, but his grasp of tying some of the finest Catskill styled flies I’ve seen in years are on a par, I have to say, with tiers like Sweden’s Niklas Dahlin & David Stenstrom. It’s evident to see that this bloke is truly fucking bonkers passionate about this style of fly tying, but what makes it more impressive is that he’s only been tying flies for the last couple of years….So Kudos to you boet!

Anyway I saw his Mooi Moths which he featured a few weeks back...

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Every fishing trip I took in Scandinavia I'd always tie up a few over the top, look like nothing flies, purely to see what I could get away with. Most were fished in low light conditions and in all honesty, most weren't successful, but every now and then I had luck with one or two of them. Nothing's changed for me with regards to my up coming trip to Lesotho either. Many of the styled flies I'm taking along probably haven't been fished before on the Bokong, let alone on many of our rivers here in SA. It will be a big learning curve for me and am sure many of the patterns will also bomb terribly again, but in all honesty I wouldn't change my approach to the trip any other way.

The first of these monstrosity flies I'm taking along is the Dobsons Helgromite. Fished close to the bank primarily at night or in low light conditions in the States and accounts for deceiving some really big trout over the years. I followed the pattern to the tee, just down sized the hook to a #8 Mustad...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Its always good to have few of these in the box and will give these a bash on most stretches of water. I'm curtain that if I present these too most Carp they will gobble them up and am hoping that maybe one or two Yellows up in Lesotho will think the same. Super easy to construct although I think I could have used a slightly shorter hackle at the front.

The top three I added a couple of rubber legs just to give off some extra vibration. I used some of my Slab Slayer ice dub blend for the under body and Thorax area. The foam is just 2 mm flat sheet foam folded over itself for extra buoyancy and I used a brown and also a grizzly hackle for the legs. The yellow dot on the top is purely an indicator mark with fluoro yellow nail polish. (Click images for larger View)

I also added a few of these Water Beatles (Shield Beatles) to my box. Under body is fiery red spiky squirrel dubbing. then palmered a grizzly hackle town the length of the body then added a foam body shell. I was going to leave t...

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