Wednesday, November 15, 2017

|By Simon Graham

I’ve been playing round with a number of Hopper patterns over the last couple of months for my upcoming trip to The Bokong river in Lesotho. One of these patterns I’ve come up with I call “The DHD (Deerhair Dubbing) Mini Para Hopper”. I recently took them to the Mooi river in the Kamberg and the Brown Trout loved them so am rather confident the Yellows on the Bokong will think likewise. It looks a complicated fly to construct but it’s rather easy to be honest. I tie these either on a size #8 and size #10 Mustad caddis hook but one could use any brands caddis hook of their choice.

Step 1

Place hook in vise at an offset angle and take either an orange or red thread and build a small hotspot a quarter the way down the bend of the hook. I used Fluoro orange for this tutorial. Then coat with head cement.

The main ingredient for this fly is Deerhair dubbing. This will give the fly the float-ability it needs. If you’re unable to get any then use a tan dry fly dubbing and mix it in with small cut...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

|By Simon Graham

I’ve tied a number of different variations of what I call the Black Cracker shrimp/Mud prawn over the last week or so and have eventually ended up with this version courteous of some well-directed help from Leroy Botha. Out of the two different types found along our shore line I’d go with the Black Cracker every time if I was bait fishing as the Grunter love this critter over the lighter version. Anyway I made an SBS for this pattern which am sure many of you can play around with and improve on.

Step 1: Take a #4 or # 6 Mustad streamer hook and make a slight bend from just in front of the hook point. Place in vice and add two small strips of 1,5mm lead wire to just behind the hook eye.

Step 2: Take a small sprig of 10 to 15 deerhair tips and tie on top of the hook shank near the hook bend.

Step 3: Cut two small strips of 2.5 mm brown foam 10 mm x 3 mm and a piece similar to the shape I’ve cut here for the carapace.

Step 4: Take the two strips of foam and place one on either side of the hoo...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Nothing new here. in fact I took some elements from Eivind Berulfsen's Stickleback Minnow and our Midlands Minnow and combined the two. On its day this fly should do well. I'm just not happy with the shape of their heads.....A work in progress I guess.

On These I used my Liquorice Slab Slayer Ice for the main body then attached a 20 mm grey zonker strip over it.Then palmered a grizzly hackle in front of that.

 On these I used my Pumpkin seed Slab Slayer Ice Dub and five strands of Orange krinkle flash tied at the back by the bend of the hook shaft.

 Instead of dubbing for the body I palmered some Olive Pixel material all the way along the shank. and used Chartreuse thread for the head....not so sure about that. Time will tell whether It will be attractive enough for some still water hog to gobble it up.

 This is Eivind's Stickleback Minoow pattern which I think would be killer for both Running and still waters over here

Friday, April 7, 2017

|By Simon Graham

I've followed Eivind Berulfsen for some years now on Youtube. I think He's a truly fantastic fly tier and has been a big inspiration with regards to the way I construct some of my patterns. Here he is expertly demonstrating a "See through baitfish" pattern that to me, is a fantastic Cross over fly for both Salt and fresh water conditions. Slightly downsized I think this would be a perfect pattern for many of our rivers over here also. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Here's a fly I've named the "Amazulu" that's caught me several trout in both river and still water over the last couple of years. Its has similar traits to most woolly bugger designs except I leave off the palmered hackle at the end. 

What you'll need is some tan dubbing with some micro fiber flash blended in. I use my own brand (Slab slayer ice dub blend - Cookies n Cream. Some under feathers from a couple of brown grizzly hackle and some Peacock body braid.

Take a decent clump of either Dark Brown Marabou or from some grizzly cock saddle the same length as the hook shank and tie on to the back of the hook near the bend. I don't bother with a single strand of krinkle flash on either side of the tail, which most tiers like to add purely because the Ice dub I add in the next step has enough in it not to warrant any more bling!

Twist Slab Slayer "Cookies & Cream" ice dub blend along your thread and then wrap evenly down along the hook shank until 3mm from the eye. 

Tie on some peacock body b...

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