Tuesday, May 30, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Another exhibit fly for the FFFT Expo next month. Again I used a Flymen fishing co articulated shank for the tail and abstained from attaching a stinger hook. This has a mix of Black n white bucktail tied in hollow fleye stylie and I used extra long Peacock hurl to give the fly volume and added length. Silver krinkle flash was added sparingly......less is more as they say. The forehead is Olive raccoon and the chin is white raccoon.

 Even at 14" long you can barely feel its weight to hand. I have one more for tomorrow's post which makes up the set.

Monday, May 29, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Tied up some exhibit flies for the FFFT Expo next month. This one is 12 inches long and tied only with Ostrich hurl and Chartreuse and Olive Bucktail and a splash of peacock krinkle flash. It has an articulated shank attached but I left out the stinger hook.

I really like to use Ostrich hurl these days on large flies like these. You can create a hell of a lot of volume and length with minimal weight. Granted its not known for its longevity but if it catches several fish before it has to be retired then its done its job in my eyes.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Opened up my parcel of shrimp tails from Flymen fishing co the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find they’d slipped in a sample pack of their new Faux Bucktail which I’ve seen being showcased on FB and through their newsletter. It’s nigh impossible these days to find quality decent length bucktail especially here in SA,  Primo tails out in the States probably supply the best over the net but it’s so pricey to ship over here that its actually not worth it. So I have to admit the thought of trying something, all be it synthetic that has “similar” qualities to Bucktail certainly tweeked my interests. I must say now before I do carry on that all I know about this product is from what I’ve read through the Flymen fishing Co’s newsletter. I’ve also refrained from watching any tying tutorials that I see dotted around the web purely because I wanted this to be as impartial a review as I could possibly make it.

On first glance it looks the bizz!! 6 inches of equally lengthed tapere...

Friday, March 31, 2017

|By Simon Graham

A couple more Hollow fleye styled patterns for LMB. Have kept the colours more natural for these flies than I would for other species. 

 Click gallery for larger view

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Have been asked to demonstrate among other techniques, Bob Popovics "Hollow fleye" style of tying flies for this years FFFT Expo hosted up the Vaal in June. These are micro size in comparison to to some of the triple articulated beasts I'll be tying at the the fly fair but they've given me a chance to dust of the cobwebs with regards to this style of tying.

This fly is only 75mm in length and tied with just Chartreuse and Brown bucktail with several grizzly hackles thrown in for a little extra movement. I have added several strands of brown micro flash throughout the tie, just enough to give off the slightest glint under the water. 

This is an awesome fly to fish with in low light conditions and especially through the winter months on a deep slow retrieve when the fish are hanging low.

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