Tuesday, June 6, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Whatever I tie, I fish with. Some flies do better than others while some get relegated to the strip n clean pile for the hooks to be used again. Last winter I tied up a couple of these, what I now call the "Trout Bagger" on the off chance that it might bag me a couple of fish and to my utter joy It was quite the fish catcher for me on still waters up in the Midlands.

It wasn't until this summer when I fished them extensively on the Mooi river that I realised I'd stumbled across a real pearler and that Brown Trout like this little gem.....a lot! I tie on four of five strands of Orange krinkle flash at the bend of the size 8 Mustad streamer hook. Then palmer a short strip of Olive/white Pixel material up to 2mm from the hook eye. I like to cut the pixel material so I have a short section of white at the butt of the fly first. 

I then tie on and palmer a grizzly hackle directly behind the hook eye and then finish of the head with some red thread. Super easy to tie and fish with. A...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Other than Clouser type patterns where dumbbell eyes can be stuck on to them to accentuate the head region as well as give necessary weight to the front of the fly, I’ve never been a keep fan of them on my flies, especially shrimp patterns and I far prefer to use bead chain instead. They’re slightly lighter to cast, and they allow the fly to drop a little slower and keep the fly from digging into the sand a lot less than dumbbell eyes do. Sure if it’s a crab or shrimp pattern you want the fly to give off a small puff of sand as you retrieve it back but either way you look at it they both still look out of place on all shrimp & Crayfish patterns.

I had a whole article written out with regards to the merits and down falls of using both these products and the disappointment I was finding with how they both truly didn’t fit into the overall shape of what I perceived as a shrimp, when I came across these two images on Pintrest a couple of months ago and I was instantly fighting back the demo...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Was busy over the weekend tying up some salty snacks for myself and a mate. Am in the process of selling the house so have half my materials in the midlands and the rest still in Durban so I had to make do with the materials that were available to me. More to come tomorrow!

                                                                                                  White/Tan Disco shrimp

                                                                                             Olive/Grey/White Disco shrimp


Monday, May 8, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Tied up some small pixel stripper shrimp to strip through the surf the next time I get a chance. Am sure a few Wave Garrick wont be able to leave them alone. White bucktail feelers. Eyes were 30lb Mono burned at one end and coloured black. Chartreuse and white Pixel material for a body.

Pink and white bucktail feelers with the same eyes and Tan Pixel material for the body. Nex time I tie some of these up i'll colour the eyes with flouro yellow paint for night fishing!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

|By Simon Graham

This is another fly I've been catching lots of fish with this summer. Have fished this same fly in other colour combos but its this Olive variation that the Bass seem to love the most. The tails are medium sized silver scale skin wiggle tails from Paolo Pacchiarini's range.

                                              3 shanks fitted                               2 shanks fitted                               1 shank fitted

Have caught fish at all depths with a slow stop start retrieve, and all were generally hit on the drop. They range in length from between 120mm - 90mm  which is average length looking at some of the Bass worms Bass fisherman fish with these days.

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