Friday, October 6, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Just a selection of dry flies I've knocked up over the last couple of days using foam and deerhair. 

Gnats, Flying ants, Goddard sedge, Un-sinkabeatles, #16 Super micro hoppers, Deerhair Beatles, B&B Beatles, #16 micro beatles, B&G Low floaters and some kind of Ant critter. **(Click images for larger view)**

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Its always good to have few of these in the box and will give these a bash on most stretches of water. I'm curtain that if I present these too most Carp they will gobble them up and am hoping that maybe one or two Yellows up in Lesotho will think the same. Super easy to construct although I think I could have used a slightly shorter hackle at the front.

The top three I added a couple of rubber legs just to give off some extra vibration. I used some of my Slab Slayer ice dub blend for the under body and Thorax area. The foam is just 2 mm flat sheet foam folded over itself for extra buoyancy and I used a brown and also a grizzly hackle for the legs. The yellow dot on the top is purely an indicator mark with fluoro yellow nail polish. (Click images for larger View)

I also added a few of these Water Beatles (Shield Beatles) to my box. Under body is fiery red spiky squirrel dubbing. then palmered a grizzly hackle town the length of the body then added a foam body shell. I was going to leave t...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

|By Simon Graham

Carrying on from yesterdays post regarding my quest to tie up some none traditional patterns and create some over the top buggy critters in the off chance they might tempt a Yellow or Trout into taking them, I came up with this pattern. I've combined features that I liked from both the Flyspoke Supabug and the Screaming banshee and gave this fly my own flavour. Whether they have all the features and criteria to fool a fish or two time am will tell, am not sure but they do look buggy.

Firstly to add extra buoyancy to the fly I used Deerhair dubbing for the thorax area instead of plain dry fly dubbing. I also used black deerhair for the Abdomen and trimmed it slightly longer above the head. I also gave the fly slightly longer feelers in front of the head as well as a couple of longer feelers from a stripped hackle feather similar to what you'd attach to a Goddard caddis pattern. I also gave the underneath abdomen area on two of them an Orange hotspot thorax with Spec Orange flyworx dubbin...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

|By Simon Graham

With my up coming trip to Lesotho just around the corner I'm looking to spend at least one of the days or at least half a day chucking some bizzaar creations at yellows purely to see what I can get away with. The only criteria I have is that the fly must float and look buggy enough on the surface for a fish to think it looks edible from below.

One of these buggy flies I'm looking to fish with is called the Flyspoke Supabug which hails from Alaska and is primarily a Salmon dry fly. I've down sized these onto a size #10 Mouche 8443 hook and added an indicator which the original pattern didn't have. It fills all the criteria I'm looking for in a buggy fly which on a good day up on the Bokong river will hopefully fool a few Yellows into grabbing it from below.

This is another fly which I'm going to take along. Its a skating Caddis pattern called the "Screaming Banshee" developed by Charlie Craven and is generally tied on either #14 to #16 hooks.I used Mouche 8471 #14 for these. The top 3 ar...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

|By Simon Graham

To be honest I haven't fished or tied these Para Hoppers before but after Gerhardt Goosen sent me a link to an article regarding their effectiveness, I decided to tie up a batch of them for my Lesotho trip in Jan and am rather stoked how they came out.

The Abdomen is Deerhair dubbing applied by a dubbing loop and the Thorax is a Spec Olive Flyworx blend. The wing casing are taken from a Jungle cock pelt. These three were tied onto a #14 Grip hook

 I truly believe these are going to get mullard up in Lesotho and will definitely take a box along for the trip.

 A slightly different Jungle cock feather used here as well as a different coloured post out of Antron, also tied onto #14 Grip

 Looks like I managed to trap the bottom hackle filaments on this one but am sure the fish wont care.

These were tied onto a #14 Mouche hook and I use light purple deadly dazzle for the post and indicator as well as another different Jungle cock feather. 

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