Raccoon Bunnies

Anyone that's fished with a strip of rabbit zonker strapped to the arse end of a hook, will know how effective it is. Well raccoon zonker is rabbit zonkers naughty uncle (you know the uncle that doesn't get invited to family functions anymore) These Raccoon zonker bunny's are tied either onto tubes or hooks but i found they were more productive fished as a tube because i could regulate the length of the trailing hook to the tip of the zonker strip for those late spring pike that followed a fly for long periods before nipping the tail of the fly. 

RBunny - Grey/White/Yellow
RBunny - Purple/Grey
RBunny - Purple/Grey
RBunnys - Turquoise/White
Raccoon bunnies
RBunny - Brown/Yellow
RBunny - Blue/Grey
RBunny - Yellow/Olive
RBunny - Grey/White/Yellow
RBunny - Purple/Grey
RBunny - Red/White
RBunny - Black/White
RBunny - Grey/White
RBunny - Tube flies
RBunny - Peach/Grey/Turq
RBunny - Grey/Chartreuse
RBunny - Grey/Pink
RBunny - Pink/Black
RBunny - Red/Grey
RBunny - Olive/Brown
RBunny - Grey/Yellow/White
RBunny - Purple/White
RBunny - Bluegill
RBunny - Orange/Brown
RBunny - Grey/Yellow
RBunny - Red/Grey
RBunny - Yellow/Brown
RBunny - Turquoise/Yellow
RBunny - Set
RBunny - Orange/Black
Raccoon Bunny - set
RBunny - Black/Yellow
RBunny TX - Red/White
RBunny - Pink/Black
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