Saltwater flies

In 1988 my oldman presented me with my first fly rod and reel combo set after completing  3 months basic training up at 5SAI & I still remember the first fish I ever caught with it as if it was yesterday. An 87cm Springer (Ladyfish) off the sandbanks around by the container terminal in Durban harbour. I hadn't a feckin clue what I was doing, and my sheer lack of skills allowed it to open up a big can of whip ass on me, stripping all 27m of fly line plus 30m of backing off the reel before I managed to turn the odds in my favour and landed it.. The harbour provided me with a large expanse of water in close proximity to my home that I could regularly visit and hone my skills on , and in all honesty is probably the reason why I've always had more of an affinity towards chucking fluff at saltwater species over fresh water.

Surf fry
Bucktail fry strippers
Striated Shrimp
Yellow bucktail fry
Feathered BW streamer
Yellow bucktail fry
Glassy baitfish - Pink
Bunker small
Bunker small TX
Mustard Honey surf buggers
Mullet brown Marabou surf candy
Chartreuse glassy
Pink Squid
Pink Squid
Pink Squid
bugbond baitfish
Olive Squid
Olive Squid
Shad fly
Marabou surf candy
Red/Whit GT Popper
Olive Shad fly
Brown Shad fly
Shad flies
Grunter shrimp
Grunter shrimps
Grunter shrimps
BugBond surf fry
Olive critter
Zebra Shad fly
Bugbond sprats - Olive
Bunker tube fly
bucktail zinger baitfish chartreuse
Bucktail baitfish - Blue
Bucktail baitfish - Yellow
Bugbond Sprats
Mangrove clouser - Yellow/Orange
White Marabou surf candy
Blue Bend backs
Mangrove clouser
Mangrove clouser - Pink/White
Surf clouser
Silver glassy
surf sprat - Yellow
Surf sprat - Glassy
Surf sprat glassy
Surf sprat - Blue
Clouser set
GT Popper set
GT Popper -  Green
GT Popper - Blue
GT Popper - Red
GT Popper set
Surf fry
Yellow Marabou surf candy
Bugbond sprats - Grey
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