The "Hat(ch) Patch"

Regardless of whatever kind of fishing I intend to do, I always pack extremely light. I hate clutter and having to lug around unnecessary crap I actually don’t need for a 3 hour session truly irritates the hell out of me. (But that’s for another post!)

So in hindsight I like the idea of this Hat(ch) Patch which is manufactured in the States by “Nature Boy Designs”. Cleverly designed to slide onto the peak of your cap, I could place the 5 flies I generally take with me quite easily onto it, thus freeing me up of valuable space which my small fly box takes up. I’m not sure though whether you’d agree with me that my “fly box” All be it a retailers plastic hook storage box takes up that much space in the first place!’d understand my train of thought once you saw the size of the pack I carry around with me though.

It’s available to fit either the left or right side of your caps peak and “Nature Boy Designs” also offers replacement foam just on the off chance your original one becomes knackered. Just be sure to select either right hand or left hand side foam according to what you own.

It retails for $19.99 which equates to R 217 + postage

Replacement foam patches are $5.00

You either like this gadget or you don’t. For the majority of most South African fly fisherman I’d probably class it as a luxury fly fishing item, which is understandable considering the state of the Rand, but for a single bloke like myself, I'm tempted to splash the cash purely because of the practical application it offers me.

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