Mallard Minnows

I'm always looking to tie "cross over" flies that I can use in both salt and fresh water situations. I have Eivind Berulfsen to thank for inspiring me with his Gobie fly in tying up these......... what I call "Mallard minnows".

All are around 40mm - 45mm in length. I strapped a couple of grizzly hen hackle marabou feathers onto the back of the hook. I then blended up some pearl and black micro flash and applied it to a dubbing loop and wrapped along the hook shank to 2 mm from the hook eye.

Took four Mallard feathers split to form a V-shape and tied around the hook shank so they just flowed past the bend of the hook. tied off, whip finished and stuck a couple of 3D eyes on. Sorted!

They swam well the other day in the bay and look the bollocks under the water. I caught several Sand Gurnards with them.... not that that's saying much as they'd mullar a wet soggy tampon if you had it attached to the business end of your line. Am looking forward to fishing them in the Midlands this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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