Spotted Grunter shrimp

Spotted Grunter aren’t the easiest fish to target on the fly at the best of times especially off the sandbanks in Durban harbour. Not only do you get an extremely short window of opportunity either side of Low tide to chuck something at this fish but they are very skittish and practically impossible to distinguish between other species in the shallows even with a top of the range pair of Polaroid sunnies. I’ve had so many frustrated nothing to show for my efforts sessions, that I’ve honestly questioned my ability sometimes. It hasn’t dampened my spirits, just forced me to take a step back and rethink things through….One does this as a fly fisherman once you become obsessed by something.

So back to the drawing boards it’s been for me. Countless hours scouring the Interweb for fly patterns, read as many articles as I could find written by people in the know, and then I came across the G-Route Spotted Grunter shrimp tying tutorial on YouTube tied by Kyle Reed from Vagabond Fly and thought why not….I’ve got fuck all to loose!

I’ve tied up three colour variations and have fished the darker pattern of the three a couple of times now and managed to bag me probably one of the smallest Grunter I’ve ever seen. Still, a fish is a fish is a fish in my eyes and whether it was blind luck, even though I did spot it from a distance (well a moving dark object), I’ve drawn a lot of encouragement from this catch that the G-Route shrimp could be the stepping stone to greener pastures. Time will tell I suppose!

Have fished this fly on three separate occasions and its still in mint condition.If anything it looks better now than when it came off the vise.

Here's Kyle explaining how to tie the G-Route Spotted Grunter shrimp

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