Cross over Kinky's

You'll see as this blog progresses that I like to tie multi purpose flies, or what I generally call cross over flies. The madness behind my thinking is that I save on having to use separate materials for different species of fish. I've been extremely fortunate to have worked with a number of material manufacturers over the years and have amassed a large selection of Natural as well as Synthetic products I have boxed away to fall back on to, so I very rarely need to dip into the black hole I call my wallet.

Even so, I am extremely frugal with what I have being the ultimate tight arse I am, hence the need to tie cross over flies.

I used EP fiber for the heads and four cock hackles for the tails and stuck some flymen fishing Co realistic eyes on for good measure. In hindsight I should have gone for the next size down eyes but am still happy with how these turned out.

These Kinky Muddlers are all tied around 90mm to 90mm in length. Perfect for chucking at Bass and Kingies.

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