Gully Shrimp

As I'm heading down the coast on the weekend and hope to be chucking something off the rocks for a couple of hours, I rustled up a few gully shrimp the other night while up in the Kamberg.

I took the same design concept as the G-Route Spotted Grunter shrimp pattern but added heavier lead wire to a slightly larger hook, added larger red eyes and a couple of silli leg feelers.

I'm not a big fan of dumbbell eyes especially on shrimp patterns.....but that's for another post. Even though I know the water will be a bit choppy I don't want these shrimp to drop straight down to the bottom, so that's why I went with the heavier lead wire instead. The dubbin and rabbit fur body conceals it very nicely.

I'm hoping with the better weight distribution they will float around a little more freely in the current giving them a slightly more life like appearance. On the other hand they might look like shit in the water and I could catch bugger all with them.

#Shrimppatterns #Saltwaterflies #Fliesfromthevice #Flyfishingsaltwater

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