The great bead chain rip off!

I’m not a big fan of dumbbell eyes to be honest. I very rarely fish deep enough for the need to get my fly down quick enough. Most of my fly fishing especially in the bay, or at an estuary or off a small rocky outcrop is done in water 3 meters or less. If I feel the need to tie up something critterish that I think needs a bit of weight adding to it, I generally go the bead chain route or add lead wire to the underside of a hook. So when I came across the price of bead chains being sold in half meter lengths at one of our retailers the other day I nearly fell over backwards. You know there’s taking the piss….and then there’s taking the piss, and then there’s being bent over a chair and being royally shafted.

Surely the buyers at these fly shops know that any fly tier worth his salt would make a b-line straight to his local hardware store or craft shop where he or she could buy it in meter lengths at a far more reasonable price. You see what’s happened here is, Some supplier (Wapsi in this case) thought, hang on a minute, Why don’t we buy 5000m of the stuff at cost, cut it into 500mm lengths, buy some bankies and get some cheap cards printed and package them as proper fly tying paraphernalia and flog them on to fly tying shops around the globe and make a fucking killing in the long run. (Granted clever business!!) The buyer sorry “The sucker” in charge of keeping the fly tying section well stocked, (who’s probably never tied a fly in his life) un-beknowing to him, gets roped into buying 20 glistening packages of each different sized bead chain probably not realizing that it can be bought elsewhere at a far cheaper price and then puts his own cream on top. Filling the shelves with a product that will sit there until they eventually go rusty. 1-0 to the supplier.

What really got under my skin was, here they were selling bead chain in three separate sizes in half meter lengths at two separate prices, and the extra-large and large sizes were cheaper than the medium sized bead chain…come again! that's a difference of R15 more for a slightly smaller product. Look if you’re going to rip the general public off, then at least get your pricing right. I went back a week later and showed him two meter lengths of small and medium sized bead chain I’d bought at the craft shop for R15 a meter….yes R15 a meter…. That’s four meters I could have bought for the same price as half a meter from the fly section of the fishing shop. I brought the query up with the shop assistants regarding the cock up they’d made with the pricing but in hindsight I may as well have not even bothered.

I wish I could say I feel better after having a dig at the industry, but I just can’t get it out of my mind that were having to import ready packaged bead chain in to this country, when there are far better fly tying products on the market we could be spending our money on and stocking our shelves & racks with instead. I mean let’s face it, it’s only fucking bead chain for Christ’s sake!!

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