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When I was running my guiding business in Scandinavia, a part of the world where English isn’t the first language, Our two locally recognized publications “Flyfishing” & “The Complete fly fisherman” hadn’t still embraced the digital age yet so it was extremely hard to keep abreast of the fly fishing scene here In South Africa. So I turned my attention to those monthly publications that were pouring out of the States & Europe just to keep my mind occupied during the long winter months stuck behind my vice.

Hatches, This is Fly, Catch magazine, Scale, This is fly tying, Sexyloops, Le Mouching, The Drake & Mouldychum to name but a few, were and still are a constant source of inspiration. Don’t get me wrong I still read our two SA publications now that I’m back, but I just find both their formats stuck in the 90’s and let’s face it festooned with the same old same old adverts littering their pages……yawn!!

So when I picked up my free edition of “THE MISSION” last month I was very presently surprised to see someone has eventually got something right in this country for once. Crisp images, up to date fonts, slick advertising presentation, and articles written without a care in the world what others might think….nice! It was also refreshing to see that fly fishing doesn’t just revolve around Trout, and that some of the so called “Shit fish species” that tend to get relegated to the back pages of other publications get given the godly status they so rightly deserve. Most of you reading this post will obviously be from other countries around the globe so take a look at “The Mission” website and read the full digital version in all its glory here Subscribe to it, cause it’s the bollocks, trust me!

I’ve been known to strap condoms, tin foil, apple peal and even hanks of hair on a hook in my quest to snag a fish…..with great success I might add. So when I see a spun deerhair stompie fly (cigarette butt) used to catch a carp, I wasn’t shocked in the slightest.

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