Chenille flash wigglers

These Chenille flash wigglers look similar to a Murdich minnow but that's where it ends. You'll need Olive Palmer chenille (Med), Tan marabou feathers and Small nymph head articulated shanks from Flymen fishing co and a hook.

Start by adding a decent clump of Tan marabou feathers to the back of the articulated shank. Then take the medium Olive palmer chenille and palmer around the shank up to the eye. whip finish.

Attach the tail to the other shank and tie onto the hook shank and make secure with a bonding material of your choice. I used Bugbond UV Resin. Tie on the Palmer chenille as far to the back of the hook as possible and palmer all the way to the front of the hook to the eye. trim the tail towards the tail tip where the marabou starts. Stick a couple of eyes on. I used flymen fishing co's realistic eyes.Whip finish...da daaah!!

Take an Olive Koki/felt tipped pen and mark the top of the fly all the way to the marabou tip.

I used Pearl palmer chenille for these and a grey marker to colour the top of the fly. I must add that you do need to use the Medium Palmer chenille as I find the strands just long enough to cover the articulated shank joint between main body and tail.

I tied these to imitate small mackerel fry but they seem to go down a treat with the Bass up in the midlands over the last year or so. Result!!

These Chenille flash wigglers look mint under the water and they really do wiggle and dart all over the shop during a retrieve. All are 70mm in length

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