Top water fur!

Tied up some furry critters for some top water bass action the other day. All around 75mm long from arse to tail tip which are tiny in comparison to some of the rodent flies I was chucking at Pike. Even the mouse flies I tied up to strip across some of the rivers in Scandinavia were double the size of these.

I honestly don't bother with adding front and back legs, Ears, Eyes and whiskers to these kind of flies for two reasons. Bass and hopefully the odd river run Brown trout over here really aren't bothered how aesthetically pleasing your mouse fly looks. All they see is a darkish silhouette skimming across the surface from below. Secondly the more crap you attach to this fly, the heavier it will become to cast, and eventually hinder its overall buoyancy.

One only has to look at one of the most successful mouse flies fished all over the States and Alaska "The Morrish Mouse" to see what I'm jabbering on about.

I do Bugbond (UV Resin) the underneath of the fly along the length of the hook shank for durability and I do apply a healthy dollop of floatant to it every 30 or so casts when I fish with these mouse flies.

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