Tropical treats

Was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a Dutch chap who's over here on business at the mo. He'd managed to tracked me down after seeing a couple of my Dorado (Mahi mahi/Dolphin fish) flies on Pintrest that I'd tied up a couple of years ago, and asked if I could tie up one of each and get them framed for him to place in his fly fishing themed bar.

Tarpon Fry

No worries, the trick to it is, once you've chosen the box frame and ready to mount them into it, give them a healthy spraying of hair spray and they'll keep their shape. He's over here on business at the mo so he can transport them separate to his luggage and keep the frame upright, cause if I had to courier it from here it would look like mangy dogs bollocks on arrival.

Fortunately I had one and a half peacock swords left to play around with as they are now impossible to get here in South Africa. Something to do with the importation laws on curtain feathers into SA......Bugger!!

Dorado/Mahi mahi/Dolphin fish fry

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