I’ve got along very nicely with the same old shitty pair of industrial nail clippers I hacked of an old girlfriend years ago. In all honesty, a Dremmel would have been far better suited to her needs though. Saying that, I do like these from Orvis. Purely because they have a hook eye needle for clearing away those annoying head cement blockages I seem to be having more and more in my older years. The down side to these nippers from closer inspection is that the hook eye needle is positioned inside the actual nippers, all be it at the front but still an arse ache trying to locate it with my shit eyesight. The thing is right, are they really worth the $70 (R916, 42 + R48, 00 postage) without the lanyard price tag? I mean for that much wonga, I’d hope…..…..nay, I’d demand it to come with a free fucking lap dance!!!

Abel retail these for a staggering $79. That’s an eye watering amount of (R1034,18 + postage)….Eish!!

So what would you like for Xmas this year love…..well darling I’m rather partial for these new line nippers from Abel. Sure babe, how much are they? Well they cost R 1034, 18 + postage….WHAT!!! You can just fuck right off if you think I’m gunna fork out that much on a pair of toe clippers….and anyway don’t you have a pair you’ve had since your time in Scandinavia? ………………..Nuff said really! Spose I’ll be settling for another three packs of socks again.

Then there's the Simms guide nippers that come in at a reasonable price, especially for the States at $49,95. That equates, at today's present exchange rate to R 654,09 + R48, 00 postage. I do like these though, for two reasons. The Hook eye cleaning needle is placed on the outside of the frame work, and secondly one is able to buy replacement nipper blades once the originals have become blunt. God knows though how many pieces of line one needs to snip through for the blades to eventually become blunt.

I did find these which are also marketed by Orvis, and retail for a measly $15, 95 (R206, 63 + postage R48,00). The downside to their design from my perspective and this looks like it’s a feature found right across the board with other brands nippers, is that the hook eye cleaning needle is positioned right at the top near the ring hole so I’d have to have them attached to a zinger for ease of access which would mean more shit to lug around….Uuuugh!

Xplorer supply these to a number of fishing outlets here in SA and retail from anywhere between R55 – R85 depending on the shop they’re stocked in.

And then I found these on “Bid or Buy” that look practically similar to the Orvis pair for just R35 a pair…. offer ends 09/03/17. Which got me thinking! Whoever is selling these for R35 must still be making something on them, or they wouldn’t be selling them…..and if which it looks like, are made by the same manufacturer as the Orvis branded ones, how much are the manufacturers selling them to retailers for, to still make a profit….. If I can buy them for R35 a pair? What’s more, how much of a cream are Orvis sticking on just for their name to be embossed onto the handle. Again….there’s taking the piss and then there’s being royally shafted just to have a branded name on your equipment.

Babe!!! Have just found a pair of line clippers for R35, Maybe I won’t be getting those socks after all.

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