More Cross overs

This is another small baitfish pattern that's caught me loads of Large mouth bass this summer as well as a couple of Shad (Elf/Bluefish) off Glenashley beach a couple of weeks ago. I primarily tied them to imitate small mackerel fry for the Bay, but it seems the Largies cant get enough of them too. All are around 65 mm - 70 mm in length and are super easy to tie.

Center tie towards the back of the hook, a healthy clump of green/silver/blue/black flash and fold over itself. then I took a shrimp coloured Streamer brush from "Fishient" (Just add h2o) and palmered along the shank to the hook eye. Whip finished and stuck a couple of eyes on.

Lastly I then took a grey koki marker and coloured the top of the fly from the hook eye to the tip of its tail

#Saltwaterflies #Bassflies #Baitfish #Crossoverflies #Fliesfromthevice #Flytying

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