More Kinky's

Here's another couple of Kinky muddler variations I've been fishing with this summer for Bass. These dart so erratically from side to side and the Hackle feathers add that little extra movement that's very hard for the Largies to resist.

I've found the one on the right darts a little more erratically than the left one, and that's probably because the head is trimmed a little more rounded. More surface area, more water displacement.

The Left fly is tied with EP Fiber and the right one with Tan SF flash n slinky

Took the bottom one to the bay with me the other day and managed to catch a rather nice Bartailed Gurnard/Flathead off the sandbanks, which isn't saying much because you could strap a tampon to a hook and a flathead would go for it. Still a fish is a fish and I can tick off another pattern to the cross over pile!

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