Big Easy's

This has to be my go to Bass fly of all time, check out my tutorial "The Big Easy" I do fish with other patterns but this is the fly that gets slammed every time I have it strapped to the business end of my line.

Since uploading the tutorial I've started adding Olive tails to this pattern and they get hit just as much as the brown tails.

I've also now started to add lips to some of them made from thin plastic I salvaged from the office waist. They wiggle so erratically under the water and give off so much vibration that it's hard for the Large mouth to leave it alone. There are a couple of downsides to using lipped flies and that is you need to keep a constant retrieve going which means sticking the rod under your arm and stripping the line rolly polly style.

And the lips do snag on most plant matter so you have to fish them in open clear water close to weed beds to get the full benefit.

I've also started to trim them down closer to the hook shank and for some reason the trout love em as well. fished this same fly on the Mooi a few weeks back and had several knocks and lost a decent fish with this same pattern. Had I used slightly shorter shank'ed streamer hooks I think I would have been more successful.

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