Cracker shrimp

Cracker shrimp or Ghost shrimp are a staple diet to a lot of species around the globe. Spotted Grunter especially love these critters, so I tied up a pair a few months back. I've fished one of them a couple of times since, but with no success to be honest. this isn't to say they wouldn't fool a fish, but I honestly haven't seen many tailing Grunter in the bay for a while now and blind casting along the sandbanks drop off in the bay in the off chance that a passing fish will see it is isn't fun to be honest. Yes I've caught several Bartailed gurnards with these Cracker shrimp patterns but that's not the intended quarry I'm targeting

I have to say they do look awesome under the water though. I added a double strip of lead wire to the underneath of a size 2 streamer hook just to give it a little weight so they don't just roll around on the sand.

Not the easiest fly to tie and am sure I can make a lot of improvements to this pattern as I go along but for a first attempt I'm rather happy with the outcome. Just hope It catches me that elusive Grunter someday.

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