Bass worm hook baities!

I'm a big fan of Bass worm hooks. Sure you aren't given a hell of a lot of space to be creative, but in all honesty you don't need a lot of materials to create a decent fly anyway! I fish this fly generally in winter when when Bass are holed up in deeper water. Perfect for stripping slowly through rocky bottom structure.

Take six white hackle feathers and strap 3 on either side of the hook. Then tie on a single strand of krinkle flash to either side of the feathers. Add a clump of white bucktail to the bottom and a clump of brown bucktail to the top. Tie on 5 strung peacock hurl, whip finish and stick a couple of eyes on.....Job done!!!!

Another reason why I tie a lot of my Bass baitfish patterns onto Bass worm hooks is that they're perfect for rivers. You end up with very little snags which I hate more than anything. These are all 85mm long

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