"Big Easy" zonker worms

I was a bit disappointing the other day to find that "Plume" the material that I've been dressing my Big Easy flies with is no longer being imported into the country. On the bright side though, it's been replaced by another product called "PIXEL" which comes in a far larger range of colours. The filament strands are about a millimeter shorter than Plumes but that seems to be fine. They retail for R14 a hank which is practically nothing. I bought a full packet of 10 Olive and a small assortment of Grey, Black/Grey, Brown, Chartreuse and Olive/Yellow as well just to see what other colout combination of flies I could come up with. I had some spare Rabbit zonker lying around and came up with these Big Easy zonker worms.

All are around 100mm in length. Am not sure how they will fish but am sure one or two of the colours will catch some fish.

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