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I'm really not sure what to call this contraption, all I know is that Largemouth Bass really hit this fly hard. I came up with the idea a couple of years ago and to be honest it wasn't that successful at first. It was only after I added the Burnt orange grizzly marabou half way along the length of its body that this fly really came into its own.

I first split a medium sized Flymen fishing co's Articulated shank and attached a Paolo Pacchiarini Alcantara wiggle tail to the end of it and then palmered medium tan palmer chenille up to the eye. I then did the same to two more small shanks then attached these to the back of the hook near the bend.

I then took two Burnt Orange grizzly marabou feathers and palmered them around the hook shank as close to the bend of the hook as I could. Then I palmered some black plume (now pixel) all the way along the shank of the hook to the hook eye.

I trim the palmer chenille down purely because its just to bulky and it also allows it to swim better through the water column.

These have a white Alcantara wiggle tail and I used Pearl white palmer chenille and Grey Plume for the head region for this set.. All are around 160 mm in length and they look truly amazing under the water.

In just a 3 hour session at a very well known Dam in the midlands I bagged over 90 fish with this same fly. I know, hard to believe but if you knew how many Bass were in this stretch of water you'd shit yourself. I have tried this fly with a stinger hook attached to the end articulated shank but to be honest I'm not a big fat of stinger hooks these days purely because I find they get snagged somewhere around the gill area and often through the fishes eye, so I stopped attaching them.

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