Glassy minnows

Since moving back to Dirtbin I’ve spent a considerable amount of time down in the bay thrashing the water off the sandbanks with very little to show for my efforts in all honesty. You definitely need a lot of luck on your side if you manage to hook into something decent. I know there are sizable fish in the bay from images sent to me from mates that have boats, but the larger pelagic species prefer the slightly deeper water around the container terminal running into the Bluff Yacht club basin and the harbour entrance which are inaccessible to me.

I do catch the odd Kingie, Threadfin kingie, Springer and Rock Cod but they have become such rare occurrences these days. A couple of years back I befriended a group of spin fisherman that frequent the groin area around the Point and Royal Natal Yacht club basin. What surprised me from the get go was that they were all fishing with 6ft bass flick rods flicking extremely tiny spoons and micro lures off the end of the groin and catching kingies and threadfin barracuda quite regularly. Which obviously got me thinking that maybe the flies that I was fishing with were just a little too big for the conditions in front of me. So over the course of the next six months I drastically downsized the size and length of the baitfish patterns I tied and fished with and although I’m not as productive as the spin brigade by any stretch of the imagination, I have seen a marked increase in the amount of fish that I’ve not only caught but that have bumped, knocked or flashed at my flies.

Glassies as we call them over here are prevalent in the Bay in large shoals. They generally only get up to around 60mm in length which on all accounts is about the size of the tiny spoons the spin fisherman were casting out. Constructing a glassy minnow is super easy if you have the materials. A size one Mustad surf hook will suffice, Some Off White, Tan or Mullet Brown Flash n Slinky and 1/2 inch streamer Brush from H2O Just Add water

Take an small clump of the flash n Slinky about 70mm long and taper the ends.(I used White for this fly) and tie on in the centre of the clump at the back of the hook near the bend and fold over itself.

Then tie on a section of 1/2 inch streamer brush and palmer the brush tightly down the length of the hook shank up to the hook eye.

The tighter you wrap the brush the more durable the fly will become and easier to trim. Whip finish. Add a blob of head cement.

Then take your scissors and trim the brush down to the size head you’re looking for. Try and keep each side as equally trimmed as this will help the fly track better through the water. Lastly, take a grey koki (felt tipped marker pen) and run it along the top of the fly for surf candy and an Olive Koki for fishing in and around Estuaries and the harbour. Stick a couple of realistic eyes on….Job done!!!!

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