Buggy things!

I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to what to call these things. All I can say is that they're based loosely on a number of different flies coming out of the States. I don't tie or fish with a lot of flies that have a combination of different materials that much, and really I should. I'ts good to mix up your box with a an assortment of patterns, even though you eventually end up fishing with the flies you feel confident with that always catch you fish.

The tails are Olive rabbit zonker. The Butt is yellow rabbit zonker palmered around the shank. Then two grizzly marabou feathers (Green and Red) also palmered around the shank. then several rubber legs, A dumbbell eye and a splash of my own "Slab slayer Ice dub blend" Looking forward to fishing these in winter Deep n Slow.....How I like it!!!!

#Bassflies #Fliesfromthevice

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