Ribbit Ribbit!

Top water action froggies. Super simple to tie up and super fun to fish with. Tie on a small clump of bucktail at the back of the hook shank just in front of the bend of the hook. Then I added 3 black and 3 tan hackle feathers to either side of the shank. Super glue two 10mm x 15mm pieces of 3mm foam half way along the shank both under and on top of the hook shank.

Then slide your body template through the hook point and pull up parting the bucktail on either side. Add a generous blob of superglue to both sides of foam and crimp together. Seal the edges with Sally Hansons nail varnish. Stick a couple of plastic toy eyes on. I like to use these kind of eyes purely to give the fly that little extra bit of buoyancy towards the front of the fly. They don't last long, maybe 20 fish or so but I'm fine with that.

#Bassflies #Fliesfromthevice #Foamflies #Topwaterflies

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