The Amazulu

Here's a fly I've named the "Amazulu" that's caught me several trout in both river and still water over the last couple of years. Its has similar traits to most woolly bugger designs except I leave off the palmered hackle at the end.

What you'll need is some tan dubbing with some micro fiber flash blended in. I use my own brand (Slab slayer ice dub blend - Cookies n Cream. Some under feathers from a couple of brown grizzly hackle and some Peacock body braid.

Take a decent clump of either Dark Brown Marabou or from some grizzly cock saddle the same length as the hook shank and tie on to the back of the hook near the bend. I don't bother with a single strand of krinkle flash on either side of the tail, which most tiers like to add purely because the Ice dub I add in the next step has enough in it not to warrant any more bling!

Twist Slab Slayer "Cookies & Cream" ice dub blend along your thread and then wrap evenly down along the hook shank until 3mm from the eye.

Tie on some peacock body braid, snip away tag end and then wrap around the hook shank until a decent head butts up against the eye. Whip finish and add a generous blob of head cement over the body braid.

Take some velcro and brush the dubbing until you get some decent lengthed strands of the ice dub and dubbing and comb back along the body toward the tail.

Job done!! Fish it as you would a woolly bugger.....nuff said really!!

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