Hollow stylie!

Have been asked to demonstrate among other techniques, Bob Popovics "Hollow fleye" style of tying flies for this years FFFT Expo hosted up the Vaal in June. These are micro size in comparison to to some of the triple articulated beasts I'll be tying at the the fly fair but they've given me a chance to dust of the cobwebs with regards to this style of tying.

This fly is only 75mm in length and tied with just Chartreuse and Brown bucktail with several grizzly hackles thrown in for a little extra movement. I have added several strands of brown micro flash throughout the tie, just enough to give off the slightest glint under the water.

This is an awesome fly to fish with in low light conditions and especially through the winter months on a deep slow retrieve when the fish are hanging low.

#HollowFleye #Bassflies #Baitfish #Crossoverflies #Fliesfromthevice

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