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April 4, 2017


 My mate Simon Bunn who owns Peak Trout Hatchery up in the Berg has recently relocated to Slovenia and has just started a new fly guide company called "Hunter fly fishing" website soon to be complete but you can stop by and like his Facebook page for now. Anyway while chatting with him the other day on the phone the conversation came up obviously about Hucho/Taimen that can be found in some of the river over there and so I decided to tie him up a set of meaty treats for him to use to target this elusive species when he eventually gets the chance in the near future.

                                                                        ( Click Gallery for larger view! )

All have been tied Hollow fleye stylie and all are articulated with the use of Flymen fishing Co shanks. I've used a combination of different feather for these flies, Schlappen, Ostrich Herl, Peacock herl, Saddle Hackles, Mallard, Guinea fowl and a smattering of Arctic fox fur thrown in for a splash of colour. This bottom fly has be constructed with Flymen fishing Co's new Faux Bucktail.....but more on that in tomorrows review of the product.  Si....Hope these catch you something mate,tight lines with em brotha!


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