Slab Slayer Ice Dub!

Since I moving back here a few years ago I’ve noticed that in the few fly shops that I’ve frequented scattered around the province, there is a distinct lack of blended ice dubbing to be found on their shelves which surprises me considering the amount of Trout and Yellowfish fly fisherman there are over here that would use this kind of material regularly on all their terrestrial buggy type nymph patterns. This isn’t to say they aren’t available, but they are scarce and it looks and sounds like whatever stock arrives, exits at the same speed. Fishient Produce a few colour variations of "Hares blend dubbing" and I've seen the odd shop retailing a few Hairline, Wapsi & Veniard blends but nothing that seemed to suite my needs. So several months ago I started blending my own colour combinations.....and so "Slab Slayer Ice dub blends" was born about.

They come in a variety of funky colours (Custard, Choc fudge, Cookies & Cream, Forest Moss, Mushy Pea, Xtra virgin olive, Pumpkin seed, Rootbeer, & Liquorice) Many of my fly tutorials I'll feature within "All About The Grab" will have these Ice dub blends applied to Trout streamers, yellowfish nymphs, Carp flies as well as saltwater shrimps, Crazy Charlies & Saltwater buggers. I’ll take some up to the FFFT Expo in June if anyone is interested in trying some samples out.

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