The Weedyboy!!

I call this fly the Weedyboy. Granted, It looks like shit, but it honestly gets the job done. Super simple to tie and exceptionally fun to fish with especially through thick weedy areas. Measure out a section of 8 mm foam tubing. Cut slot in the one end and then attach to the Bass hook behind the hook eye. Then cut a small peace of 2mm foam and tie on above the hook eye.Then take a decent clump of Marabou and tie on over the foam lip and whip finish. Take some rubber legs and slide through the foam tubing and then stick on a couple of these plastic rattle eyes. cut a slot in the other end and slide over the hook point.....sorted!!

This is just another colour variation but with extra rubber legs strapped on. I wish I could say it last for ages but it doesn't. Ten fish or less but when a fly takes less than 10 minutes to tie and cost all off bugger all in materials I'm happy with that kind of return!

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