Over the last 4 years I've been supplying a couple of lodges in Canada with some monster flies to target Laker Trout which in all honesty actually aren't Trout but hail from the Char family. They can get up to 60lb's in weight and can live to over 80 years....Eish!!!! These flies are trawled with down riggers or in tandem with a musky spinner bait And I tie them either 30cm and 50cm long depending on the clients needs.

I use Icelandic sheep hair and Big fly fiber for the main body and throw in a decent clump of Green flash and Olive Krinkle flash for good measure. I'm not a big fan of fishing with a Stinger tandem rig but this is how the clients want them tied. They aren't cheap at $20 Canadian dollars each for the 30cm flies and $25 for the 50cm flies, but then again either are the materials that I'm using. One down 29 to go of the 30cm and 30 x 50cm flies.

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