Ribbit Ribbit!

Tied up some tiny foam frogs last week and took one with to try out on the Mooi. I located a decent fish of around 40cm after it had flashed a couple of times for the streamer I was fishing with and so I changed over to to a froggie and on the second cast It rose from between a small channel it was lying up in and hit it side on. Unfortunately I was so amped seeing it hit the fly that I struck a little too early and the rest is history really. Still not all was lost as I got to see where improvements need to be made.

I think I'll change the bottom piece of foam to a lighter Tan colour for a start and maybe add two tiny 5mm strands of krinkle flash to the back of the fly just behind the foam.

#Foamflies #Fliesfromthevice #Riverfishing #Topwaterflies

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