Raggy Chenille

Rummaging around my local craft material shop a few weeks back I came across this long stranded raggy chenille. Am sure it has a name in fly fishing circles but I’ll stick with Raggy chenille for now. I’ve tied with shorter stranded chenille’s before and they are a bit of a bugger to work with so I was a bit concerned it would be a wasted buy even though each five meter clump only set me back R10.

Anyway I managed to tie up a set of these for targeting bass and woe and behold they worked a treat the other day at Mearns dam. Yes another fly that looks shit but once wet they become rather sleek under the water and look like any other worm looking creature bass would go for. I didn’t get a single hit on either the Pink or the Blue worm as it seemed the Bass preferred the more natural colour combinations and the “Camo” and “Dark brown” worms caught all the fish out of the set

The next step for this fly will be to add a small strip of foam to the end articulated shank where the wiggle tail is attached and also add a pair of bead chain eyes to just behind the hook eye so the fly sits vertically when bouncing off and in and around rocky structures.

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