The Bushmans River

This post probably wont interest many of the Saffas that stop by this site purely because most of you know the river and area too well, but I wanted to showcase another of our more famous rivers "The Bushmans River" here in Southern Africa for all you international brotha's 'n Sista's. I have Jan Korrubel to thank for one of the most memorable days of fishing I'd had in years up until that point and also for these images....So shot boet!

The Bushmans itself isn't wide by any stretch of the imagination and all of these images were taken in the upper reaches within the Giants Castle Reserve. Its primarily a Brown trout river which was first stocked in 1890 but in recent years has been inhabited by a batch of rainbows that escaped from a hatchery during heavy rains and flooding

You do get the odd decent fish along this fine stretch of water but this is small trout territory, so 3wt's are neede

There aren't many places left these days where you don't see another sole for the whole days the odd baboon or Jacka

A pearler bagged with a R.A.

It's not hard to understand why so many fly fisherman around the globe love this this kind of fishing.

Think we should do this again Jan in the up coming season.

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