The Trout Bagger

Whatever I tie, I fish with. Some flies do better than others while some get relegated to the strip n clean pile for the hooks to be used again. Last winter I tied up a couple of these, what I now call the "Trout Bagger" on the off chance that it might bag me a couple of fish and to my utter joy It was quite the fish catcher for me on still waters up in the Midlands.

It wasn't until this summer when I fished them extensively on the Mooi river that I realised I'd stumbled across a real pearler and that Brown Trout like this little gem.....a lot! I tie on four of five strands of Orange krinkle flash at the bend of the size 8 Mustad streamer hook. Then palmer a short strip of Olive/white Pixel material up to 2mm from the hook eye. I like to cut the pixel material so I have a short section of white at the butt of the fly first.

I then tie on and palmer a grizzly hackle directly behind the hook eye and then finish of the head with some red thread. Super easy to tie and fish with. A great attractor pattern for still waters and a cool little fly for stripping across a stretch of running water. "The Trout Bagger"

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