Disco Shrimp

Tied these up to be fished across the channel down at Blue Lagoon on a rising high tide. Have had some decent success with small foam poppers there recently and wanted to have something a little more meatier to push a little more water.

I used a size 2 Mustad saltwater hook here. First tied on a small clump of silver Mirror Image and then over that added a small clump of bucktail. Then placed a marabou Rachis on either side of the hook and then added 30 lb Maxima mono eyes. Then palmered an Olive streamer brush along the hook shank and topped it off with a strip of pastel pink and white 2mm foam.....Sorted!

Since tying these up and fishing with them, I now take a pair of scissors and snip away some of the streamer brush material just to cut down on the weight as I found it was retaining just a little too much water due to it being tightly packed around the shank.

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