Nothing new here. in fact I took some elements from Eivind Berulfsen's Stickleback Minnow and our Midlands Minnow and combined the two. On its day this fly should do well. I'm just not happy with the shape of their heads.....A work in progress I guess.

On These I used my Liquorice Slab Slayer Ice for the main body then attached a 20 mm grey zonker strip over it.Then palmered a grizzly hackle in front of that.

On these I used my Pumpkin seed Slab Slayer Ice Dub and five strands of Orange krinkle flash tied at the back by the bend of the hook shaft.

Instead of dubbing for the body I palmered some Olive Pixel material all the way along the shank. and used Chartreuse thread for the head....not so sure about that. Time will tell whether It will be attractive enough for some still water hog to gobble it up.

This is Eivind's Stickleback Minoow pattern which I think would be killer for both Running and still waters over here

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