Slinky Minky

Came back from the Expo with several sweet bits of swag, one of them being some mink off cuts to play around with from Vernon Maritz. His top tip was to tie up some Minkies which I did on Saturday and with my 3rd or 4th cast bagged a decent 50 cm cock fish from a decent stretch of still water up in the midlands on the Sunday.

He gave me a sample to copy which was just a plain simple black and brown combo version. Just to add a bit of zest to the pattern I palmered some red raggy chenille at the hook bend of the bottom fly and then trimmed to 5mm long. The top Minky I took one of the dark red elasticated head bands out of the packet he also gave me, stripped out the rubber inner and palmered on the chenille also to the back of the hook near the bend and finished the fly off with a 2 mm fluoro orange FLYWORX bead chain eyes. Now I'm not sure whether it was the bead chain eyes or the flashy chenille butt that attracted the fish or not, but I'm sticking to that thought process.

Top tip, If your a tight ass tier like myself, then keep an eye out for these flash chenille hair bands. A packet of 100 will set you back a staggering R20 from your local haberdashery.

I suppose you could tie this pattern directly onto a single hook but I just love this fly articulated.

Sadly it had swallowed the fly and bled profusely from the the gill rakers and between myself and Graeme we spent a good 20 mins trying to revive it but to no dinner was sorted! I must say that I was gutted to see it not recover and in all honesty I really didn't fish well for the rest of the morning session.

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