Some more free swag courteous of Gordon van der Spey at the FFFT Expo. Over the years I’ve tried practically every UV resin on the market since they became popular 7 yrs ago. Clear cure goo, Deer creeks (Diamond White) Loon’s UV resin, Tuffeleye eventually settling with David Edwards Bug-Bond and have been with them since its inception in December 2009. All of them at some stage though have been quoted as saying that their products are the best on the market, Dries in 10 seconds or less and with a none tack free finish. So I have to admit I was intrigued to see a new kid on the block coming out of the States called “Solarez” which I’ve noticed lately being promoted through a number of FB pages I follow over here, also stating it’s the best UV resin on the market with a completely tack free finish.

Solarez comes in three consistencies (FLEX, THIN & THICK) and can be ordered in either these nifty 5 gram tubes or in the larger 2oz & 4oz bottle format. My only concern with using tubes is it’s a hell of a lot harder to regulate the amount you want to administer to your fly than through a small squeeze bottle with an applicator cap especially if you’re constructing smaller patterns like buzzers and nymph. Also I would have liked to have seen the tubes come in plastic than the metallic material they are made from. Speaking from experience when using 2 pack epoxies that after a while the metallic tubes tend to split and crack after a long periods whereas plastic tubes are easier to squeeze and have no memory which in turn is easier to apply the resin on the given area you want to coat. I am glad that Solarez didn’t go the syringe route which a couple of the earlier brands went purely because they were an absolute bugger to not only squeeze the resin out of, but one had very little control when applying the product.

The Torch which came with a rechargeable battery and charger feels easy on the hand and I like the positioning of the on/off button at the top of the torch.

So for this review I thought there’s no better fly to try out Solarez on, than to construct a couple of wire spoon flies with the product. I used the thick version over the thin and was able to apply the resin with moderate ease over the frame work. I did end up with minute bubbles throughout some of the larger spoon flies but this couldn’t be helped purely because of having to constantly fold over the resin trying to fill in the gaps between the hook shank and thin wiring frame. Once the whole area was covered, the resin was easily manageable and I was able to get an equal layer throughout the fly just by rotating the vice. Once I was happy with the overall shape I was looking for I zapped it with the UV Torch and as it states on the packaging….It really did set hard within 10 – 15sec of constant light hitting it, and I can honestly say there was absolutely no tack what so ever. Impressed in an understatement, to a point that I ended up eventually tying ten flies in total all varying in size purely because I was having so much fun working with the product. I still have a third of the tube left to still play around with for a later date & I will finish off most of them with either paint of glitter nail varnish and will show the finished flies once completed.

I then moved onto the THIN Solarez to construct some surf candy heads and again, application was easy and again set within seconds of zapping it with the torch, also with absolutely no tack what so ever. Overall I highly recommend Solarez to anyone out there. It will be interesting to see whether the resin fades over time but time will tell on that note.

Its being stocked now through a number of well known fishing shops throughout SA. Get some.....It's that good!!!

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